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And when I read something like this, something so obviously slap-dashed together to cater to a hot market without any care for the reader's reading comprehension ability and need to suspend disbelief - - I see red. I lived in the UK. If I wanted to be around Brits who get everything about life in the US wrong but think they know everything because they watched an hour or two of telly, I would have stayed there.

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View all 19 comments. Sweet Home is that book for me. A sweet and fun tale of a modern day Romeo and his Molly Juliet. Molly Juliet Shakespeare is a twenty year old student from England. Molly is fantastically nerdy and lovable. She captured my heart from the first time she shouted Fuck wearing orange crocks. He does hookups. He plays football and works hard at school to try to please his difficult parents. When he meets Molly, he is taken by her. There is something about this girl with the crazy hair, glasses, and english accent that makes him want her.

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It all starts with a good luck kiss…. Once Rome has had a taste of Molly, he wants more. Molly has experienced so much loss in her life, she finds it difficult to get close to anyone. But Rome breaks through her walls. What Rome loves best about Molly is that he can be himself with her. I like the way you are with me. You make me feel… well… you know…. You get me? They bring out the best in each other. It was more than just an attraction between them.

Copper season 2 episode 1 review: Home, Sweet Home

It went deeper than that. Rome and Molly had a connection. They understood each other, respected each other and just got one another. I loved all the Romeo and Juliet comparisons and how the story was thrown together. Romeo and Molly were such endearing characters. I adored everything about this fabulous couple. Home is with the other half of your soul, the person who shares in your grief and helps you carry the burden of loss.


Home is with the person who throughout it all never gives up on you and brings you eternal happiness. View all 78 comments. Jan 22, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star , cheese-factor , cliched-and-predictable , feel-good-read , sports-romance , needs-editing , steamy , endearing-hero , loved-the-love-story , ridiculous-over-the-top. Sweet Home is the type of New Adult romance that would normally drive me nuts but ended up capturing my heart instead. I had so much fun reading this book.

I loved the love story, the light and youthful feel, the angst that didn't feel too angsty, the playful humor, the heartbreaking moments, the possessive hero with a vulnerable side, and the sweetest, quirkiest, heroine I've read to date. I adored Molly. She's a New Adult heroine that's unique, a-dork-able, and a breath of fresh air.

I read to escape and this book gave me just that I can't ask for more than that. View all 62 comments. Oct 17, Patrycja rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: fans of sweet, hot romance novels with alpha males. Recommended to Patrycja by: Angelina. Shelves: , new-adult , reviewed , contemporary , must-read. My way is better—less death, more orgasms.

I wish this book never ended. It was so, so good!

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This story is so unique and refreshing. Roller coaster ride full of twist and turns, Sweet Home is intense , full of action passionate read that can be finished in one sitting. You will read it while biting your nails, laughing hard, wiping tears and fighting with lady boner.

Getting used to the cameras takes time.

As a college star and extremely rich son of owner of oil plantations, Rome should feel like the king of the world, but his life is far from being perfect. Romeo suffers from cruel, controlling and demanding parents that treat him badly. Every day is a constant fight for being himself, when they want from him something else entirely. Living with a great responsability of being the best football player and fame makes it even harder for him to be free.

A small smile transformed his normally hardened features and he took my hand and ran it across his ribs. When she finally meets Romeo her lone life changes. He ran his finger down my cheek, but almost as if the action fuelled his strength rather than gave me comfort. He is the perfect example of alpha male and the characteristics I crave in my men. He made everything so freaking hot! Sex scenes were out of this world and the connection he had with Molly only made it so much better!

Sweet Home is a perfect mix of sweetness, pain and deep love. Step by step, page by page I slowly fell in love with this complex bittersweet story. I live for surprises like this!

What you see is what you get.

I need my own Romeo Prince. I highly recommend this book for every fan of sexy new adult books. View all 57 comments.

Oct 24, Karla rated it did not like it Shelves: waste-of-time , abandoned. There is nothing more I dislike than not finishing a book. Especially one that I spent money on.

A couple of my sticking points: 1. Write what you know. It There is nothing more I dislike than not finishing a book. It makes for an annoying one. In choosing to write a book where the character needs a strong regional dialect, either spend the time to get it right, or place the book in a locale where it comes naturally. Show me the money! Or in this case, the emotions.