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How can the government protect critical digital infrastructure when most of it is controlled by private companies? We speak with a top FBI executive. When the first bitcoin bubble burst, many people wrote off crypto companies for good. Intelligence Track hosted by KPMG Leaders of big companies are learning from the methods of cutting-edge startups to leverage new technologies and increase entrepreneurship inside their own enterprises. The discussion will focus on disruption from within rather than disruption by new entrants.

The customer service and personalization of these direct-to-consumer entities can exceed the efforts of the finest brick-and-mortar department stores. A new generation of businesses is taking off fast. We explore. Hear from the woman spearheading the digital transformation in rail, mining, marine power, and drilling at General Electric. The treatment of women in the technology business has become topic No.

An all-new Brainstorm TECH format moves beyond simply acknowledging widespread discrimination to focusing on solutions. Also on the agenda: The need to improve diversity and inclusion across the board in Silicon Valley. On what industry, idea, or trend is worth betting big? Why is purpose important? How do you inject it into your business plan? Find out here. In the future, AI will be like electricity. Are you ready? We assemble leaders at different points in their journeys to discuss the markets and the meaning of an IPO in But with things like digestible sensors, electronic pharmaceuticals, patient management systems, wearables, 3D printed biological materials, optogenetics, and more, technology is more important than ever.

Hear from executives, entrepreneurs, and investors share. Executives from a diverse set of industries—from health to cannabis—will discuss their strategies. In the mad scramble to beat back digital baddies, businesses have few places to turn for trusted advice. Who better to teach this mixed martial art than its masters? Sixteen million YouTube followers and its No.

The duo that lead the brand and discover its talent share their strategies for success and fan engagement around the globe. What happens when you encourage athletes to go beyond the soundbite to speak for themselves? How will fans react? Entrepreneurs and execs discuss what it takes to maintain a healthy culture even as they take their company to the next level. Join this roundtable to discuss a vital issue.

On June 22, veteran technology executive Niniane Wang and five other women went public with allegations of sexual harassment by the head of Binary Capital, a VC firm that has now all but shut down. Hear Niniane on how and why she was finally able to expose this behavior, what she believes are the systemic failings that led to this and other similar incidents and, critically, her specific suggestions for what should happen next.

Join the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency for a frank discussion of the risks, tradeoffs, and yes, opportunities facing the U.

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John O. Cycle along the shores of Lake Fuxian and take in the crystal clear waters and local village life. Performances by Local Artists H. Ruan Chengfa , Governor of Yunnan Province.

A series of new, high-profile government initiatives aim to protect and improve water quality along this mighty river, and have important implications for both domestic and global producers. Two leading clean-technology investors analyze the realities and the future of the global flow of green investment.

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Meat substitutes are surging in popularity as an environmentalist backlash against meat intensifies and as the taste of meat substitutes improves. How will these new alternatives transform the way we feed the world? What are the implications for global land and water resources—and the meat industry? In much of the world, economic forces are prompting a move from coal to natural gas and renewable energy. Electric cars, though still a tiny slice of the auto market, are starting to give internal combustion-powered autos a run for their money. A shift from centralized to decentralized energy sources is gathering steam.

All these changes are creating new winners and losers—among countries, industries, companies, and investors.

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And yet, for all this change, global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Moderator: Jeffrey Ball , Stanford University. With billions more mouths to feed and a growing appetite for protein among those in developing countries, global food demand is taxing the environment. Trends in Asia highlight three fundamental challenges to water supplies: scarcity, pollution, and climate change.

And the number of megacities—those with populations greater than 10 million—has risen from 3 in to around 30 today. These population hubs have become hotspots for smog-causing greenhouse gas emissions. A look at how to make them livable. Now, with nowhere to ship their plastic trash, cities around the world are struggling to dispose of it themselves—often with environmentally disastrous results. A deep dive into the global garbage mess.

Green Grows Up: Shaking Up the Status Quo Changing economics, toughening regulations, and new consumer preferences — all focused on sustainability — are upending long-established industries. Despite recycling, these mountains are growing. How can the broad transportation system accommodate and encourage the pump-to-plug shift? A discussion with executives trying to speed the transition.

Not everyone is moving to the city. In China and globally, how do we continue to alleviate poverty and boost rural development without further destruction of the planet? Can the international community agree on a plan for preserving global biodiversity? And what should that plan include? Though scientists say emissions must fall nearly to zero by midcentury to avoid particularly dangerous effects on climate change, emissions are still rising.

Chemical treatment, toxic dyes, and even the growth of raw materials conspire to make the fashion industry a minefield for sustainability. How can outfitters make environmental action fashionable? Do consumers care? From China to the U. Despite the Paris climate agreement, fights among countries over what to do about climate change appear to be rising, not falling. Is there a path that would be good for individual countries and also good for the planet? How can companies define realistic sustainability goals and make measurable impact with cooperation from suppliers? It also consumes water and energy, emits carbon, and can reduce biodiversity.

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How to square these two sides of a burgeoning global industry? The future of sustainability in tourism, in China and beyond.

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China has promised that the BRI will be green. What measures are in place to fulfill that pledge? How do corporate stakeholders ensure that the BRI will fulfill its environmental goals? How will the solar shift, in China and beyond, play out? What is her recipe for creating the perfect investment environment? And in an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced business environment, how can Canada fuel its own economic growth, create better jobs, and propel more women into business?

At the same time, relationships inside companies are recalibrating, sometimes uncertainly, to accommodate diversity and inclusion. What have we learned in a post- MeToo world, what do we know about future challenges, and how do we build effective pathways for women to achieve pay parity and equal visibility in leadership? How is this mega global brand working to connect to diverse consumers, maintain its competitive edge, and drive sustainability? The strategy? Extend credit cards to the unbanked, and offer zero-fee services and easy-to-use digital platforms.

Will Nubank be able to beat the big banks at their own game? Big, breakthrough ideas to solve these grand challenges can come from anywhere. But how do we find them? And how can each of us cultivate innovation beyond our own backyards? Decades later, she continues to build collections of restaurants and innovative culinary experiences in both Toronto and Los Angeles.

Learn how grit, authenticity, and an entrepreneurial spirit have produced a culinary empire that pays tribute to the past while rewriting the rules for the future. She has also confronted challenges all too familiar to female athletes: lack of community support, meeting the demands of a rigorous training schedule, and the added burden of seeking outside employment to supplement modest athlete stipends.

A story of perseverance from a fierce advocate for transgender rights and equity for women in sport—both on the playing field and off. Tracey T. What are her entrepreneurial secrets and where will she place her next big bet? Top to Bottom Line: Driving Sustainable Growth and Value in Business Hosted by Royal Bank of Canada Top leaders from diverse sectors share their views on driving sustainability and growth, how they manage the bottom line, and where the global economy is headed.

Raw Truths: Women, Money, Power, and the Workplace Hosted by Herman Miller Across sports, politics, the arts, in the workplace or in the boardroom, women are challenging the status quo. How do women business leaders today view power and money? Hosted by Accenture Emerging and exponential technologies—including 5G, A. As we look toward , what have we learned so far, how do we prepare our workforces, and what will be the innovation breakthroughs that redefine business?