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My mother had been living in London for a while whilst my brother and I were still in Nigeria with my grandmother. We both moved to London in when I was 17 going on 18 years old. My mother had always been trying to bring us over here but it was very difficult.

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How was growing up in Nigeria and moving to London in your teens? What did you learn from this mixed upbringing?

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My upbringing in Nigeria is a huge part of who I am. Living in London it is a completely different world, it is almost like night and day in comparison to where I grew up. What do you think this mix of culture brought to your music? I think London gave me access, and opened my eyes up to a whole bunch of music because of the internet, YouTube and being able to listen to whoever I wanted to. I got knowledge. London blew my mind. It was a completely new perspective on music, what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to be seen.

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What do you value in life? Honesty is huge for me.

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Being able to look in the mirror and be honest with myself — who am I? What do I want? When and how did you start out making music? I used to make songs on the spot since a very young age. Everything sort of spawned from that CD. Then I started a group during my second year of school, called kensten3. If you could interact with any artist from the present or the past, who would that be and why?

I would want to be around Fela Kuti and that energy. I find it so inspiring and fascinating. I feel the best way to be inspired by something is to be around and observe, without having to be too close.

This can create a spark in you and help you create your own thing. How do you manage to work on your own compositions so freely when the music industry is so framed? We live in a time where you can do whatever you want, there are no more gatekeepers in the music industry. Just do what you feel is right, and if it works, it works. That is the sort of approach I take.

I have got a good team of people around me, who I trust and who can advise. No one is a one-man army; it is always good to test what I am making by sending it to my manager or musicians I respect and who are my friends, to see what their thoughts are.

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What genre is your music? Nowadays genres are out the window, music is universal. Coming from my background and joining the British background, it is a mix of a whole bunch of things. Do you feel anxious about releasing songs that are aligned with your emotions?

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Yes, definitely. There are loads of meanings and hidden symbolisms in each of your songs — evoking themes such as religion, death, moral, fatherhood or even politics — is music a way to discover your real self and reconcile with it? I can be really passive, but music allows me to stop and put the pieces together, ask questions to myself and document some stages of my life. Our all-new process, which is in line with our promise to democratize access to premium investment options, will be taking these challenges head-on, thereby making it possible for the everyday person in Nigeria to invest in multiple mutual funds right from the comfort of their phones, with as low as NGN We have partnered top investment houses like Meristem and Afrinvest to help Nigerians have access to multiple mutual funds all in one app.

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