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But much to his surprise, Remy wants more than a single night with Leilani. Ready for the hilarious excerpt? Underwater, the real world falls away. I open my eyes. All I see is the electric blue of the Gulf of Mexico and a school of small, silver fish. The feel of the warmth against my face and the sun on my back makes me shimmer with joy. I surface for a breath, then dive back down, my spine undulating in a serpentine movement.

Surface, dive, swim. Could this day get any better? Sun and sand and water all around me? I was born for this moment. I slow down to get a better glimpse of the little blue-green-yellow guy so I can admire his beauty. Surging to the surface, I inhale a few huge breaths and bob in the warm, calm water. I power swim for a while, my mermaid tail fin allowing me to pick up speed and do flips and turns easily.

My long hair flows and floats around my face. Swimming here in the Gulf eases some of that homesickness. And there are three pairs of eyes watching me.

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Well, four, if you include the dog in the red life vest. Amused, I sweep my eyes from the pudgy canine, to the brown-haired woman next to him, to the bearded guy next to her, and then to the second guy… wait. The second guy is hot. Startlingly so.

Bestselling author of smart, fun, spicy Regency romances with a large cast of characters.

He grins, revealing dazzling white teeth. Where did you come from? Or maybe ever, now that I think about it. An electric tingle goes through me, as if a current has entered the top of my head and is shooting down my spine. I propel myself a little closer to the boat.

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Insta-love is not my jam. Any brand of love is not in my lexicon right now. Honey Eyes leans forward on his muscular forearms.

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This guy is pure trouble. I can tell by that cocky grin. I should swim away before I do anything stupid. The author is giving away a tropical-themed spa gift basket! The super cute Seas The Day box includes:. The winner will be contacted and will have 48hrs to respond confirming their mailing address, so if you are picked, do not delay or you will lose your chance. The spa kit will be sent to the winner directly by the author. Mmmmmm I can smell the salty ocean, pina coladas and tropical smelling lotions from here!

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Then Damien Hastings, my first love, walks in. So I can be healthy and whole.

And what happens when our fake relationship leads to very real, and extremely complicated, feelings… just as our time is running out? From the author of Constant Craving comes a sweet-hot story about a woman who feels obligated to care for everyone, a sexy Marine who wants to make his first love his forever bride, and a fake wedding proposal that changes everything. Stephanie needs our book help! She is approached by a male that is also wolf. He talks to her and takes her to his pack of nothing but male wolfs.

She has her 1st heat cycle and needs help thru it. Lance had promised Taryn to Roscoe Weston, for an alliance. Roscoe Weston was known for being physically abusive and extremely controlling. However, Trey and his pack had encountered a huge problem that called for the need to gain powerful alliances. He came up with a plan that would keep Tarn from being mated to Roscoe, but also gain an alliance with her dad.

Maryse: Okay I found the quote where the author explains the removal of that scene. She says :. Maryse: ALSO!! The author says:. Joy: Ooooooh, an orgy scene! I need to read it because I love that book. Damn, lol! JulieO: I want to read the forbidden scene of course. Published before There are robot bees, hornets or wasps or something like that, and the main female protagonist is by a river at the beginning.

https://schoolpurampa.ga I think the robot is warning her to go home or a sign she needs to? Hi, I'm looking for a book I read in the ealry 80's. It was set in the 's or early 's. They are poor and I think Emily works in a thread store. Hi looking for a book about a young boy and his old sister who both live with their grandmother. The older sister takes the Yong boy on a train to visit the boys teacher and her dog.

I can't remember the title, so any help would be appreciated. I remember the ending of a short story, the man drives to the edge of town where people werent supposed to go only to realize his town is a computer simulation. Thought it was by Stephen king or his alias? Looking for book about an earl named EDwin, I think. His wife dies and he needs an heir, he marries the girl on other side of the river as her mother is a known breeder, and she gives him a child.

But he dies and she goes to king henry's court with her sister and her husband. Anne Boleyn is very jealous.

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What is the name of this book?? It must have been a fairly known author as most of my books were. Looking for a murder thriller novel about a murder of man. First chapter is about a monk who steals a religious artefact - the letter from Christ from the Vatican to save it from being destroyed.

Hear, O Israel, Save Us

Then in the present day a man is murdered in his study. His wife with dementia is blamed and arrested with the motive of finding out he was having an affair with a colleague called Lily I think. His daughter and neighbours who is a lawyer work to free her mother and find out who the real murder is. They realise he was murdered because he had the religious artefact and had told his 4 closest friends about it- giving it to lily to keep safe.

Lily speaks to an unknown person who wants her to sell it to him but in stead he kidnaps her and locks her in a room in his warehouse. During the murder the neighbours were on a cruise and a burglar who had fitted their car with a tracking device was in the house and saw the man who actually murdered him. He used this a bargain to get less time when he was arrested for burglary.