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Go back to lm and use the key card reader to enter. Use the post pad concealed under the containers inside to summon a force bridge. Cross the bridge to In and use the monitor to open the door. Then, go destroy the four gener- ators at lo. Use the door panel at lp to reveal the telepad, then use the monitor to access the code that activates it.

Use the telepad to travel back to II. Note the hidden room at lq with its door concealed in the south wall. The room behind this one has a safe with a Plasma Shield, and a monitor station that allows you to take control of an Avatron servomech further down the hall. Use the watch station at lr to take down the force field and laser barriers. Blow away the stuff stacked against the north wall to reveal the way to It. Take out the Vetron mech you find there and blow the generator. Use the watch station in the secret room to open the way to the elevator.

A yellow key card is on the table in this room — it allows you to get to the recharge station to the north. The elevator to the next level is at lu. Taking out the generators gives you an easier fight against the many automatic guns three wall guns, one cannon around 2b. The watch station behind the big cannon opens the door out of the area.

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At 2c , use the wall monitor near three blue crates and a teleporter. This opens the door to the southwest. Blow the wall grate at 2d and follow the duct. If you hang around the area too long without using the grate, Shepherd will contact you and tell you about it. You emerge in what seems to be a sort of rec room or lounge 2e. A monitor in the android room opens a concealed door to the left. At 2f , blow the two generators to your right, then walk southwest. A pressure plate opens the way to 2g. There, a wall switch will open the way to the three small generators at 2h.

Also in this area is a watch station that opens a security door to your objective. Destroying the generators here will take down the shields on the two large generators at 2i. Once all these generators are down, your objective will be much less defended than it was previously.

Near the recharge station at 2j is a shootable switch that opens the way to a secret room with some goodies.

Use the wall switch at 2k to open the concealed room. Inside the hidden room, use the monitor. If the alarm is on, use the switch to deactivate the force field. Grab the green keycard next to the monitor. Under the guidance of Lt.

Shepherd, you make your way to the necessary terminal. You discover that the Col. Is an efficient but exacting commander with no tolerance for screw-ups. Obtaining the sought-after files at last, you are surprised to encounter the name of a comrade you had thought lost forever. Lead designer Mark Vittek designs pitilessly. Anybody who can make it through this mission on the first try without a restore can proclaim himself an action-game genius and retire.

On the plus side, Vittek places more recharge stations on his levels than any of the other designers. On the down side, you'll need them. He takes particular pleasure in watching testers perform the same useless action over and over. If you find that something isn't working, look over your shoulder, or behind the nearest box, or in some other place just convenient enough to make you embarrassed you didn 't notice it immediately.

Not all the puzzles in this mission are merely embarrassing. In fact, most are downright deadly. This level contains one of the few areas in which you can just walk into a room and die.

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  • You are, however, given fair warning. Here 's a not-so-subtle hint — if you see a skull and crossbones, believe it. Vittek has several repeating themes in his mission. Not forgetting basic human needs, most of his levels have bathrooms with work- ing toilets — they flush when you manipulate them. For some rea- son, WEC personnel are fond of stashing footlockers in the bath- room stalls. Also, his civilians tend to go for the nearest alarm or trap-trigger when attacked. There's no such thing as a non-combat- ant on his missions.

    Use the security panel to deactivate the laser bars. At lb , the security panel opens the way out. If you need to unseal the security panel, you can use the post pad in the south cor- - ner. There's also a neat secret room in this area. The best way to find it is to go to the soda machine, stand to the side and use the machine. The cans the machine dispenses tend to blow up and you thought Sparkle Juice was just for wimps!

    If a can hits the grate in front of the machine, it will destroy it, revealing the entrance to a secret room. START This secret room contains a teleporter that allows you avoid the rest of this level and, even more importantly, take control of two heavy cannon that you can use to clear two tough areas ahead.


    If you decide not to take advantage of the shortcut, use the postpad under the exit sign at lc. At Id , use the wall monitor, then get the keycard out of the safe.

    A Vested Interest

    The hallway at le is trapped — a laser trigger releases two Vetrons from the cubbyholes. In the second cubbyhole is a floor safe that contains the keycard you need to get out. Destroying the camera also release the field. Be ready for a Guard to attack from the elevator the first time you try to use the recharge station at If. Take the elevator to the next level.

    Hopefully you gained control of the cannon turrets at lb and used them to clear this room and the one ahead 2b. If not, you can expect a very tough fight. The upper hallway connecting the two areas is pro- tected by an electric floor activated by the camera in the north corner.

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    The laser switch over the electric floor triggers a rocket aimed at the back of your head — dodge the rocket, however, and it will probably take out a guard ahead of you. The wall monitor behind the Android station opens the door to the small side room at 2c. Use the post pad to activate the teleporter to take you back to 2a , from where you can get to 2c. This room contains a BK Watch out for the guy with the grenades in the men's room.

    Shoot the shootable switch to get through the laser bars. At 2f , the soda machine miraculously turns into a mech cametron. Shoot the generator just beyond the force field to drop the field and let you out.