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Snagsby's paranoid jealousy of her husband is omitted altogether. The series started with an hour long on Thursday 27 October , with subsequent episodes being 30 minutes, shown twice weekly. The serial was designed to air in the format of a soap opera , somewhat experimental for the television drama genre, but in keeping with Dickens' original serialisation. BBC One showed omnibus editions of each week's episodes on the Sunday following first broadcast. Though some critics have argued against the series being shown in this format, programme makers and commentators defended their decision by saying that Dickens's writings were long, complex, very popular stories told over a series of small instalments, just like a soap-opera and claiming that if he had been alive in he would have been writing for big signature dramas.

In the United States, the eight hours were broadcast on PBS on Masterpiece Theatre , where they were compressed and slightly edited into six instalments.

The opening and closing episodes were two hours in length, and the middle four episodes were each a single hour. Most PBS stations showed the first-run for the new week's instalment at on Sundays from 22 January to 26 February Bleak House was rebroadcast on Masterpiece Theatre in Some other overseas broadcasters, such as Australia's ABC , purchased the series in an eight-part, one-hour-episode format. The programme is also notable for being one of the first British drama series to be shot and produced in the High Definition Television format, which required the make-up and set design to be much more detailed than previous productions.

It was filmed on location in Hertfordshire , Bedfordshire , and Kent from February through to July Previewing the first episode of the serial in the BBC's Radio Times listings magazine in its week of broadcast, critic David Butcher wrote that: "Watching this extraordinary version of Dickens's novel feels less like watching a TV drama and more like sampling a strange other world It's a magnetic performance one of many in a tremendous piece of television.

In the same issue, the magazine—which also devoted its front cover to the programme, a fold-out photograph of the cast posing in modern glamorous dress in the style of a Dynasty -style soap opera cast—contained a preview feature by Christopher Middleton which went behind the scenes of the production. Middleton was equally positive about the adaptation.

The Radio Times kept up its positive reaction to the series throughout the programme's run. Of episode eight, Butcher again wrote a positive preview. You might want to take the phone off the hook. For the week of the final episode, the magazine's television editor, Alison Graham, joined in the praise, picking out individual cast members for particular attention.

It's almost enough to make you take against lawyers. The praise for the serial was not, however, universal. Writing for The Guardian newspaper, Philip Hensher criticised the programme sight unseen. In terms of viewing figures, Bleak House began with an overnight average audience of 6. Bleak House' s highest ratings came for the sixth episode on 11 November, which attracted an average of 6.

The penultimate episode, broadcast on Thursday 15 December, gained an audience of 5. It won two Emmys, for Makeup and Cinematography. The BBC had previously adapted the novel twice, in eleven episodes and eight episodes. In the silent film era it was filmed in and ; the later version starred Sybil Thorndike as Lady Dedlock. The BBC also adapted the book for radio. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the adaptation. For the adaptation, see Bleak House TV serial.

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Jarndyce Richard Griffiths — Mr. Bayham Badger, friend of Mr. Jarndyce Joanna David — Mrs. Badger, his wife Warren Clarke — Boythorn, friend of Mr. Turveydrop, Prince's father Robert Pugh — Mr.

WSIRN Ep Your library called and they want their books back – Modern Mrs. Darcy

Chadband, a friend of Snagsby's Catherine Tate — Mrs. Chadband, his wife Dermot Crowley — Mr. Brownlow, a lawyer Alistair McGowan — Mr. Kenge Sevan Stephan — Mr. Tangle, a lawyer Roberta Taylor — Mrs. The Daily Telegraph. The Independent. Archived from the original on 18 July Retrieved 10 February Manchester Evening News.

Archived from the original on 6 July Bleak House.


Volume , number , issue dated 22—28 October , page Ibid , page Volume , number , issue dated 19—25 November , page A strong woman who goes her own way and who values her independence. In addition, how about the best book I read last year: News of the World? This is the story of Penelope, a 64 year old mother of 3 grown children. I think I like those characters better myself.

I cried when I heard that Sue passed and will miss her greatly. You might love it or hate it depending on how well it deals with hospital verses home midwifery relationships, but for my ignorance, it was great and learning something new. It switches perspetive between the daughter, mother, and grandmother. This is a good recommendation!

She lives in Colorado so you may already know of her. It was so incredibly charming and sweet without headiong down a saccharine path all packed into this tiny little book. Totally 2nd this suggestion! I was so excited when you mentioned Kinsey Millhone and Sue Grafton. It was about 3 older woman. Nothing too deep but a good beach read.

WSIRN Ep 175: Your library called and they want their books back

Made me hungry though! Love In This House of Brede — one of my favorites. Also, I loved Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym about four aging colleagues in the workplace — I left that book feeling hopeful about getting older. Have you read Olive Kitteridege? If not, I highly recommend that book and author. Great episode. The topic reminded me of one of the Read Harder prompts—read a novel about a female protagonist 60 or older. Schine writes about a difficult subject with gentle humor.

To early for a full-hearted recommendation, but it seems very promising so far. I have two suggestions, though they are books from the UK. Her most famous book is The Shell Seekers, which I think also has a middle aged, to older protagonist. This book takes place in England and Scotland and has group of characters of various age ranges, but the center of the story is an older woman who brings everyone together. Then, if you loved the Sue Grafton books, Thanks for that recommendation by the way. There are 21 books about a 12th century Benedictine Monk who has fought in the crusades, been a sailor, before becoming a monk at age 45 or I read the entire series last year and was sad when I finished the last one.

I was listening to this podcast and was wondering if Anne would mention McMurtry.

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He has the reputation of writing women well. This will not be a popular opinion but I really like Texasville. I love Duane, and I love Karla. Some most? Heck, Terms of Endearment is pretty good too. Have fun! Michelle Wilson — we have so much in common, including our taste in books!

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