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The Trinity Explained, in Easy Terms

Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. About Us. New Here. For more information on the terminology used in this section see here. Hopefully you backed up your word recovery phrase and optional passphrase in a safe place.

A Trinity student is prepared for now and what’s next.

Otherwise your funds are lost. If you did back-up your recovery phrase, you can buy a new Ledger Nano S and enter the recovery phrase and optional passphrase when setting up the new device. When setting up your second Ledger device, you can choose to enter the recovery phrase from the first device.

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You can use your Ledger Nano S with any supported currency. Simply download and install the appropriate app from Ledger Live.

The net result?

Supported currencies and installation guides can be found at Ledger Support. When setting up your Ledger device with Trinity you can set advanced settings to ensure compatibility. Yes, you can install Trinity and set up your Ledger device on multiple computers. Make sure you select the correct account index and Trinity will automatically detect your balance.

  • Why use a hardware wallet with Trinity?.
  • Sino-US Relations and the Role of Emotion in State Action: Understanding Post-Cold War Crisis Interactions (Studies in Diplomacy and International Relations).
  • The West Virginia Lemon Law - When Your New Vehicle Goes Sour (Lemon Law books).

Trinity Hardware Trinity provides additional security options through third-party hardware wallet compatibility. Complete the setup process.

Real peace of mind starts and ends with safety.

What button s to press and when should be intuitive. Download and install the Trinity Desktop wallet. Open Trinity and follow the setup instructions. When prompted, connect your Ledger device and proceed with setup. Trinity allows you to create multiple accounts on your Ledger device.

Each account is identified by a unique account index number. Congratulations, your Ledger device is now set up and ready to use with Trinity. Click on the address to copy it.